Truths about phones that manufacturers do not want to know

There are hundreds of phone manufacturers and there are a few very large. Whether phones with Android, iOS or Windows, whether they use other systems, there are some truths that you should know and do not let yourself be conquered by the language of marketing.


No phone is perfect, nor will be, but there will always be those devices that are useful to you and your money’s worth. For someone is an iPhone, someone else prefers a smartphone Meizu and Xiaomi from, and another category adores Microsoft phones. In essence, all of these devices are the same. Each screen has a certain diagonal and resolution, using AMOLED or LCD from different manufacturers were able to film and cameras to take pictures at resolutions high enough and use a set of applications that most users will.


Then comes refining design, quality materials and software, but also how a phone is passed. While mobile manufacturers in China offers the best balance between price and features, Apple offers an ecosystem of services and support. As phones are similar, so are some lies told about them. Or if not lies, omissions or embellishments are of truth.
When Apple introduced the Retina display on iPhone 4, he said that man can not see with the naked eye but less than 300 pixels per inch. That means the pixel density on 2.5 square centimeters. Currently, the highest density is that the Galaxy S6 has a 5.1 display and a resolution QuadHD translated into 577 pixels per inch. Screen quality is very good but not just because of the resolution. Motorola Moto X 2014 , for example, has a screen of 5.2 inches full HD resolution with a density of 424 pixels per inch. Increasingly uses AMOLED, but a lower quality panel besides Super AMOLED from Samsung.


Although not discern, in normal use and not under the microscope pixels display technology maked the difference. The most popular processors in 2015 are with eight cores. Samsung Exynos and Snapdragon Qualcomm to have models which gives you eight cores, but split between two processors to four. A quad core processor in this system is dedicated to low power consumption, operating at lower frequwncy and the second is dedicated to performance, with greater frequency.
In essence, you have a phone with all four cores, just that sometimes consumes less because you do not need more power. LG G4 has a hexa – core, two cores are dedicated to low power consumption. Then it MediaTek processor with eight cores, all running at the same frequency. Energy comsuption is of course higher. All MediaTek is also preparing six – core processor.

Finally, it is Apple has the dual – core on iPhone 6. Processors are relevant only when they are satisfied two rules: the software is optimized for them and the manufacturer devotes time, money and his development engineers. In the latter case are two example. Samsung Galaxy S6 processor is best, both by consumer demand and performance, while Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and has earned a reputation by overheating problem. On the surface are two octa – core, but that is not enough. Like megapixels and this is more often than it should, a game of large numbers.

Instagram Celebrities

After the last month has made rights and failed to pass unnoticed, the artist has managed once again to take them by surprise those who follow him.
The first images of the artist after they shaved appeared right on Instagram account, and fans reacted as change: Did you cut your hair. Strangely, just as hunky look so young, love you, Justin Bieber, were just some of the messages that fans have written in the comments section.

Justin Bieber confessed some time ago that not going through the best period of his life: It’s hard to always show a certain image and I try to get up to the expectations that people have about me. I want to make you smile, but if this brings me to me unfortunately I can not. Sometimes I feel that they are on the brink of Despres.



The young man of only 22 years is an idol for millions of young people around the world and his songs reach the charts in record time. Justin Bieber Phone Number communicate with hundreds of fans and chooses the pieces according to their sound. Many celebrities today have adopted this program is called Celebrites Phone Number. Justin Bieber Phone Number is more developed system can capture as many fans.


131030102348-chris-brown-april-2013-super-169The message that is sent to Justin Bieber aid will be taken by the network to enter the direct conversation. After Justin has presented this program where fans can discuss with his friend Chris Brown,  he created Chris Brown Phone Number. It uses the same system to answer questions fans.
See more pictures of Justin Bieber Justin Bieber began his career on Youtube In 2007, Justin began to post their own videos on YouTube, singing songs by Usher, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, etc.



After Braun saw records arranged for the kid to know him Usher, and their meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, resulted in signing a contract with Island Records.
Justin Timberlake wanted to work with Bieber initially, but eventually concluded the contract with Usher teenager. Later, Bieber and his mother, Pattie Malette, moved in Atlanta, Georgia, where I live Braun and Usher.
20-year-old singer was booed seriously at a fashion event last year and his recent appearance in an ad for underwear was derided in so many ways.
No wonder, after its rich “track record” of bloopers and even aggression. He was arrested several times, drove drunk, he revved bolide ostentatiously through the neighborhood, jumped to beat a paparazzo, made racist slogans waste.

Now he wants the fans to understand it and see it still has a good heart, but it’s hard for him.
I wanted to be arrogant. It’s hard to be young and to grow in showbiz. It’s hard to grow up in general. I want everybody to know how much I care about people. I’m not saying do not give a damn about such. I’m not a child is someone who really cares, says the singer.

What is a SIM card?

Sim Cards

Sim card is a portable communication technology part of the most dynamic in terms of evolution. We chose to talk today about the subjects because I found on the internet a lot the wrong Pieces of information. Sim card has become very used because people need to communicate and is very comfortable to call than to travel short distances or large.

What is a SIM card?

Sim cards

SIM means Subscriber Identity Module and is designed to give the user a mobile phone, an identity and an address to be contacted as people using this technology. The first card was made in Germany in 1991 and since then until the present is the only standard for connecting mobile networks for both GSM and CDMA for those works by. After a period of 25 years there was sim card and witnessed the evolution of mobile phones. 1996 Sim card shows the mini-SIM version and after seven years micro-SIM. These changes made due phones or who wanted to be as smaller and more intuitive for users. Next to cartel-SIM change came in 2012 as nano-SIM know when they started to develop all mobile operators.

The next step for SIM card … ..

Mobile phone networks are faced with the impossibility of debt and technology evolutions are proposals for integrating the SIM card in the motherboard devices ie directly into the phone, tablet or smartphone. This would mean saving smartphons and cell volume, devices will be more compact. In this case the downside is demagnetization and operators have not found a solution to solve this problem. One advantage that it has the technology integration is a SIM card contact management devices for the user who wants to change their phone. For those using iCloud account will be very easy to transfer phone numbers.

Another technology that offer network operators a mobile phone is called Phone Tracker. This will be done with signal GPS satellites and GPS maps. All I know about this program is that it can locate Phone Tracker in real time via any device phone number. Certainly there but this technology is used by emergency services. Phone operators promise tracker can be used by anyone.

Sim integrated technology is recognized and published at Mobile World Congress and the company that introduced this project is Simless. In other words digitization aims Sim cards and companies that manufacture phones will have to comply with this project and to produce phones with integrated number. Users must be prepared to give up as Pin code 4 digit or PUK and say welcome your username and password.

To integrate the device Sim card mobile networks will need chips to access to sperm and makes it possible to change the phone number. As you know are back billions of SIM cards worldwide so users will be very unhappy when they will be called to replace one device with integrated sim. Operators have stated that this process will take two years to change all devices. Fair of Barcelona from mobile and telecommunications have introduced a series of new devices that have integrated sim technology. Those who attended the fair were divided and many have said it is not the best way to integrate the SIM card. All this technology must be slow because users will give operators who do not accept this method of integrating the SIM card.

iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 will have, a 3.5 mm jack, despite everyone saying that it will disappear, for the phone to become thinner.

New leaks show that Apple would keep, however, jack. Internet appeared in a photo, we see components prepares next phone giant.

iPhone 7

Beware, though. It’s good to take this information with a certain dose of skepticism, because you can never be verified their authenticity.

Understanding iPhone 7 says that will be waterproof, and that would be redesigned antenna lines.

The phone is expected to launch in an event that will take place in autumn

For the first time since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple had a quarterly decline from the previous year so it is forced to rely entirely on the iPhone 7. And new pictures appeared on the internet shows that Apple is trying to do just that!

Of course, it is impossible to be verified veracity of the images appeared to argue that the iPhone will premiere 7. First, the above shows a design similar to the iPhone 6s for the back, at least.

But those posted by Apple Insider have circulated on the Internet in recent days that shows a phone with no headphone jack and no home button! The folks at Apple are known to present a new design every two so that would be the next iPhone 7 comes with significant changes in this regard.

According to GSM Arena, Apple has completed the third round of testing for future iPhone in July and it will be waterproof and dust. Also prototypes come with a touch-sensitive home button that does not have to hit him but just to touch it. More could have and 3D Touch, ie sensitive.

Other information released so far say that the iPhone 7 will have only 6.1mm thick and an improved design for antennas on the back as you can see in the image below.